Rio here we come!

Rio here we come

Finally, 1st september has arrived, we are heading to Rio! The day starts early, around 6.30 I get into the car to go to the airport. The press is awaiting us. Great to see that there are so many. Then we are off to the check-in desk. Great coordination by KLM, cause it doesn’t take long and via the priority lane we pass customs.

Funny to see that everybody is a bit hyped. It’s finally gonna happen. But first an 11 hour flight…..pffff…3 movies and a few naps and then we hit ground in Brazil. Wasn’t all to bad actually. We pick up our accrditation, search for that one orange bag and suitcase (haha) that belongs to me, basketball chair, wheels and I am complete. The bus takes us to the paralympic village. Too bad it’s already dark outside so we don’t see much of the environment.

Absolutely fabulous to see the look on the faces of the newcomers to the Paralympics. They didn’t know what to expect. We are curious to see where our home for the next 3 weeks will be. Athletes and football players already arrived and give us a warm welcome together with our NOC crew. Quickly we visit our appartment and see a pile of cards and sweet messages from back home on the bed. Tonight I will decorate my wall, but first let’s eat!

Tomorrow starts with a day of before we have a practise on the 3rd. Can’t wait! First a good night sleep and check out the village in bright daylight.

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