Opening ceremony vibes!

Opening ceremony

How good it feels to finally get back on court after a few resting and travel days. Feels like it has been 3 week, while it’s just 3 days. The practise court is close to the village, so we get there in 5 min. But we don’t get to start untill the balls get on court. We don’t get them a minute to soon and at the end they are gone without a notice. Afraid anyone will take the balls home. They do look awesome! We also get to practise in the game halls. We play one for the first rounds and another from the quarter finals. Fabulous ti get the vibes of these major halls. Let’s fill the seats!

Paralympic Village

Our building has it’s own teamNL lounge on the ground floor, where all athletes and coaches can relax, watch games or connect on the terras. What a great idea! This really makes teamNL, one team with one goal. You get to chat with old friends and meet athletes and coaches who you normally don’t get across with. In London we missed the contact with other athletes, since we practise and play on a daily base and there is no time to visit other sports. So this is the perfect solution!

In front of our building lies a wonderfull pool, where we cooled of on our first free day. Part of our programm of course 😉. The rest of the tournament we will not be using it much but it looks really nice.

Along the main street you will find severa, big halls. Diner, transport and fitness among others. It’s always bizar entering the diner, the size of a football field (or at least it feels that big) with hundreds of tables and chairs and an immense line of food waiting for us. There’s a little less diversity then in London, but still plenty to make a proper meal.

Opening ceremony
Wow wow, no words can describe how cool this was. Normally we don’t get to go to the opening since we play the day after. Not this time, so we were there! Everybody looked all dressed up in their neat suits. Waiting to enter the arena, I got a bit nervous, this is it, this means the games will start!

Amazing, the enthousiasm of the crowd gives such a boost. After a fabulous show, the flame finally entered the stadium. At the same time it started to rain and we put on our rain poncho. Goose bumps all over! Not because of the rain, but because this moment was so epic! With the real Paralympic feeling and a big smile we returned to the village. An experiende richer, but also with the knowledge that we will start what we worked hard for.

Let the games begin!

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