Let the games begin

2016-09-13 23.14.19

We start our tournament with group games. In both groups 1 to 4 continue to the quarter finals. After 2 easy games and wins against Algeria and France we got to play USA on the 3rd game day. Finally a game at high level and we were looking forward to it. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as planned. We started slow and didn’t play with attitude, which resulted in a low shooting percentage. Lost! Bleh, I hate losing. Ok these are just the group games, doesn’t mean anything and still everything is possible we tell ourselves. It will just not be the easiest way, since we will become 2nd in the group. But in order to become a champ, you have to be able to beat everybody. The day after we get our act together and make an easy win over China. quarter finals here we go!
Quarter finals

Due to a suprising result in the other group we face world champion ’14 Canada in the quarters. Exiting! We will not give this away. With a bag full of confidence we enter the arena. The first quarter was still close but we manages to stay on the good side of the score. By the time we enter half time we already had a 13 points lead. Still had another half to play, so continue to play ball. With a great end result of 78-60 we make it to the semi’s!!

Semi finals
After a day without games and just one practise, we battle it out with our major rival Germany tonight. An opponent we know very well from all prep games. We know we can not underestimate them and they will definitely not underestimate us. It will be important to play our own game and stay in control. We can use your support!


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