It’s been a while…

Been a while

It took me some time to get back to planet earth after all that happened in Rio. What an experience! Before I knew it I was packing my bag and ski gear to head over to the mountains. Can’t believe it has been 20 months ago…Januari 2015 I broke my collarbone, so the season ended and last year no risks were taken on my road to Rio.

Can’t explain how great it feels to be out there. Told myself it was just like riding a bicycle, you will never forget how to do it. But with my last memory in mind, a new frame to test and shitty conditions, I had to overcome some obstacles. So happy to have a great coach who took the time to get me back on track these first days on the slopes with some one on one coaching.

It all come together on the last day with blue sky, great slopes and a big smile on my face. I am back!

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