After almost 7 weeks things have changed big time in my recovery. Dusted my basketball chair last week, got the air back in my wheels and tried it on. It still fitted me…Hell yeah, enjoyed the ride around the field with a basketball and spend time with the girls. This week I managed to finally[…]


No doubt about it

This weekend we won all 4 games against GB. It was great to be part of the team again and to see the steps that are taken in Canada 2 weeks ago. But man, do I want to be part of it on the field again. Watching 4 games and cheering without playing is exhausting[…]

Time flies…

4 weeks have gone by. Pretty fast actually. They say time flies when you are having fun. Well….it wasn’t fun, but oh my how happy I was to see some sunshine the past weeks, so I didn’t have to spend my days indoors. I was going mental inside, needed some vitamine D desperately…;-) Recovery is[…]