Always nice to get presents

A big thanks goes out to our off piste guide Patrick Gabarrou from Samoens. One of the biggest mountaineers in France and probably the whole of Europe. Digging myself into 50 cm of fresh powder and at the end of the tour finding out I broke my slalomski, made Patrick decide to have his friends[…]

Winning 5 out 5!


CAN-NED 33-74 | NED-JPN 76-38 | NED-AUS 57-44 | CAN-NED 34-57 | JPN-NED 32-84

The team showed a lot of progres during the preparation tournament in Canada. I am very proud of them winning 5 out 5 games. Showing our competitors to be aware, but of course they already knew that! We managed to stick to our game plan more and more, no matter what the opponent tried. In most games all 12 players got their minutes on the field, which shows our overall growth. Of course we can always do better, so in the next 3 months we will work even harder to get our game even more solid. We will be ready for the battle and so will I!


Preparation tournament

As of today the Dutch girls will battle Canada, Australia and Japan in Toronto. At the same venue we will play the worlds in June. Tonight at 23h (NED time) Canada is the first opponent. I will be cheering at home, since I am in recovery….bummer! Go girls!!! Stay up to date on the site[…]


I am screwed….

Last Thursday I crashed with high speed on the slopes of Flaine and among some other minor details I broke my collar bone. So screwed at the beginning of all tournaments towards the world champs basketball in June. Will be cheering the next weeks for my team mates on their journey and in the mean[…]