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Impossible is nothing!
I want to become the first Dutch paralympian to win a medal on both summer and winter games.

Ever since I was little sport has been a major influence in my life. I can't imagine living without sport. Used to spend 6 days a week on the track and field for over 15 years. My spare times were filled with snowboarding and wakeboarding. Till my life dramatically changed. October 2006 I got hit by a car while driving my motorcycle. Ended up with a spinal cord injury, waist down. First thing on my mind was; what about sports?! Made my friends figure out how to get back onto the snow and water. And did so within a year after my accident. In the mean time I was looking for a new sport to get hooked on instead of athletics. No more poule vault for me! During recovery I got addicted to wheelchair basketball. What a fabulous game; fast, agressive and tactical. Soon I got introduced to the coach of the Dutch national team and I had a new goal in life. Qualifying at the Europeans in 2007 and then the ultimate: Paralympic Games Beijing 2008. What an amazing experience! 4 years later we won bronze with the team at the Paralympic Games in London 2012. At the beginning of the new season I was selected to captain and we took gold by defeating the Paralympian Champion Germany at the Europeans in 2013. In 2014 we won a bronze medal at the World Championships in Toronto. First medal ever for the Dutch squad at the worlds! This year we took home the bronze medal from Rio 2016. That's not where my future goals end. Since being out on the slopes is where I feel at home, I want to become the first Dutch paralympian to win a medal on both summer and winter games. So after Rio I focussed completely on alpine skiing and qualifying for PyeongChang 2018. Unfortunately I didn't make it. But that won't stop me, I am not finished yet.

  • European Championships WB

    4 silver + 1 gold

  • World championships WB

    1 bronze

  • Paralympic Games

    2 bronze

  • World Championship sitskiing

    January 2019


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A big thanks goes out to those who support me in following my dream. Want to be a part of my journey? Feel free to contact me


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